Dustin Decker

AWS Terraform Template

You want to get started in AWS and you want to learn how to do it with Terraform. You’ve read countless how-to articles, perhaps a book or two, and even watched some YouTube… and you still don’t feel like you “get it”. Or worse, you think you get it, but your code isn’t working. It’s one of the more frustrating points on the learning curve.

This is NOT a post about all things Amazon Web Services or Terraform! In fact it’s short and sweet: Fetch a repo, edit a file or two, issue a couple of commands and presto! You’ve got a Virtual Private Cloud in AWS with subnets and routing, in a box.

I provide ZERO warranties as this is educational code. It provides you the capability of an operational stack of code you can break and redeploy repeatedly as you increase your understanding of the environment.

Visit the repository at: https://github.com/1on1security/AWS_terraform_template

Happy Coding!