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Dustin Decker - Many Hats
Howdy. You've landed at Dustin Decker dot com/net/org.
Welcome to my 2021 website simplification project, published on Father's Day, 2021.

The wife and I are closing on and moving into a new home June 21-July 5, 2021. I promise I'll circle back and type up an extraordinary example of why I'm awesome, as well as why you should agree with me, once we've completed this monumental task.

In the mean time feel free to wander around and see what I do with a little bit of Bootstrap 5 and PHP. You can also view a fake placeholder link for a Resume that I'll update and publish after our move if you like.

If you're the imaginative sort, this would be a great place to pretend you see me climbing up on a soap box to grumble-rant about personal websites and attack surfaces. You won't find "wp-admin" around here unless it's a honeypot.