Dustin Decker

Yellow Trucking Data

July 31 (Reuters) – Cash-strapped U.S. trucking company Yellow Corp has ceased operations and is filing for bankruptcy after failing to reorganize and refinance over a billion dollars in debt, the Teamsters Union said on Sunday.

Yellow Trucking shutting down wasn’t something unexpected, as the union folks were told to ensure they had removed any personal property or tools from work weeks ago. What happens, however, to the “Data” of Yellow Trucking?

The database(s) of sales, bills of lading, all the associated “stuff”? It’s a business asset right? Can be sold in bankruptcy? Thus, former long term customers of Yellow aught to know they too, are for sale

And ultimately, lather, rinse, repeat. Individuals and businesses are going to have to track their own personal relationships with external entities and ensure contractual negotiations include “future safeguards” for personal information in the digital age.

Yellow Trucking