Dustin Decker

I’d like to tell you a story.

Imagine it’s around 3:00 AM on a Tuesday morning. You’re awake.

Perhaps the dog needed to go out back.

You slip through the kitchen on your return to bed for a short glass of milk when a gleam of light catches your eye. You move to the window looking out upon your neighborhood and spot a very dark van slowly cruising down the street. A dark figure emerges from the van, hustles up to your neighbor’s front door, and jiggles the doorknob. He then proceeds to the next house and repeats this behavior.

Under these circumstances you would likely be reaching for the phone and dialing your local police. Perhaps you call up your neighbors too. Why? Because this is NOT normal behavior in civilized society and it’s fairly safe to presume the passengers of the van are looking for an opportunity to burglarize homes on your street.

How long did it take you to read my short story? Somewhere around thirty seconds, perhaps a whole minute? Did it make you feel anxious? I apologize if it did as this was not my intention.

What I DO want to direct your attention to is the “digital threat landscape” we live in. In the time it takes you to read my story, or for me to tell it to you over a cup of coffee, digital burglars can “jiggle the locks” on hundreds, even thousands of attack surfaces exposed to the Wild Wild Internet. The follow up question from Captain Obvious is, “if a hacker jiggles a lock in the Aether, does anyone notice?”

Hollywood has most folks convinced that “a firewall” cures everything, but this too brings many questions to an executive over coffee. “Does that firewall generate logs?” “Does anyone read them?”

I can in all honesty and sincerity say that it’s a “lather, rinse, repeat” world in this regard. Does your home computer generate logs to indicate a compromise? Does anyone review them?

If you can’t answer these questions in a very firm affirmative, reach out to me and learn what process-based solutions can be employed without breaking the bank to ensure your confidential data remains confidential, your data Integrity is maintained, and your systems remain available to service your revenue streams.