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Are you a United States Veteran?  Are you tired of being turned away with your dental needs?  Looks like this is finally changing.

Do you have allergies which require you carry an epinephrine auto-injector pin?  How would you like to get them for FREE?
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Smoke Free for Life


Blu E-Cig Disposable

So I haven't had a cigarette since October 18th of this year. I've had the occasional puff from a friends electronic cigarette here and there. I don't consider it "cheating" as long as combustion isn't involved. [You can get pedantic if you want, but that would make all forms of nicotine cheating, be they gum, the patch, whatever. The real point here is to stop smoking, which I have.]

I already feel a great deal healthier and happier across the board, and I know my resolve is deep and abiding at this point. The temptation to purchase a pack of smokes came on like a two-ton heavy thing today. It was amazing - just three or four puffs off of this thing and I genuinely cared about 45% less about my stressors, which was really pretty nice. Unlike others I've tried recently, this one mimics the experience of a cigarette quite well. That sweet little Jehovah's Witness woman that rolled up the driveway to have a chat with the flatmate and I probably appreciated it too! (First time I've ever had one tell, "No, I'm staying on Earth", when asked why she's trying to sell me 1/144,000 seat.)

No Fornications Given

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