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Stillness in the Eye of the Storm

Happy Saturday Morning - The Image Speaks for Itself

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We don't have to be friends...


Pissssshhhhhhhhhhh......   That's the sound something large and overinflated springing a leak.
Springing a leak and losing all the pressure that would otherwise puff it up into the shape of something so much larger. A twenty foot tall monkey maybe, or perhaps a gorilla; maybe even Godzilla himself.  By simple subtraction of the air supply, it flutters to the ground.

  Sometimes when a relationship ends, you don't get to
remain friends.  Sometimes, you simply have to let go of that notion of "forever" that you spoke of.  And sometimes, you really don't have
anything, any real reason, that realistically warrants communication of
any kind.

Bumping Into Acquaintances
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