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I am very pleased to welcome you to Dustin Decker dot com, my little slice of that there massive web thing-a-ma-jig. I'm a Geek by trade, a musician, a this, a that... What's the purpose of a personal web site anyway? Oh, right - Bragging and Ego.  So I've relaunching a brand new site today! 

Why else would I have one, right? I'll do my best to keep it subdued yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye - not a lot of candy just sorta, "hey, I'm down with the 21st Century too." You'll find "About" and perhaps "MyPhotos" the most useful if you're a stalker while "All things Dustin" will eventually manifest as a b l o g.

Blur - (Circa 2006/2007)
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On Blogging


So it occurs to me there isn't much point of building a website unless I'm going to care for and feed it... this of course means I need to make a commitment to this verb, "blog" - daily.  Is anybody really reading or listening?  I could troll my access_logs and what have you, even create some pretty global usage statistics and such like I might for one of my downrange customers.  Ultimately if I'm really serious about this thing, I have to "put it out there".  That is to say, I have to become somewhat comfortable with the notion of "marketing" myself to my friends, family, and acquaintances with the promise that they'll find something "interesting" if they visit the site.

So I'll do that - I'll get up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and start pimping my site.  I suppose if I were really "smart & stuff" I'd get some Google Ads running to generate perhaps enough revenue to keep the lights on where it's hosted?  I LOATHE advertising, in just about every form.  Mostly because it's a "push" where I would much rather see a "pull".  Then of course there's always this.  Not to mention I don't even remotely identify myself with the realm of "professional writers".  Lacking faith in myself, or inspiration or passion for what I have to say, this would be a losing proposition.

I'm making that commitment to myself first and foremost, to generate at lease one interesting thing to share on the blog, each and every day.  If I know I'm going to be in the wilderness or desert with a bunch of friends for a weekend, a week, or a month, I'll pre-program content scheduled for daily release to keep it interesting.  I make this commitment to myself, and then extend that commitment to you, my trusted... what are you?  Viewers?  Visitors?  We're going to have to come up with a name for that.  Kyrka.

I shamelessly stole this image from the World Bank.  They're used to thieves, yes?
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