166 days until the Man burns....

Twenty Four Hours Later

This started out as an itch in dire need of scratching... The lyrical content is a conglomeration of counterpunctual bouncing back and forth between dissatisfaction with the combination of surveillance state and sea of useless information we're drowning in, and issues surrounding violence - both perpetrated by, and against, law enforcement in the United States.

Interestingly enough, I spent most of Saturday deep inside of the Earth in a former Atlas E Missile Silo, peaceful and content to be making a new friend and purchasing a 12-string acoustic guitar. We emerged back into the world of cellular service to take our friend out to dinner, and wouldn't you know the FIRST THING we see is information about forty to fifty trucks of ARMED alt-right Nazi punks occupying Massachusetts street in Lawrence, Kansas.

I was using the proverbial "Our Town" in the lyrics in reference to these types of sorely misguided, wicked, hateful people... "Master Race" indeed, they usually look like they've got "the skurvy". Tears flooded my eyes when I realized what I had written about is happening EVERYWHERE. It needs to be stopped. What's YOUR reaction?