319 days since the Man burns....

Watching the calendar...

So 2015 is steadily drawing to a close. It's been quite an interesting year.

I've been working with Veterans since May of this year in the West Los Angeles Veterans Domiciliary program, where I manage a Professional Development Center.
I Maintain computer lab workstations, network connectivity, access to printers. Basic troubleshooting and assistance with personal devices being used on the wireless segment of our network.
I assist Veterans with Job Searches, Housing Searches, and access to electronic benefits. I also assist with modification of Pro Per and Pro Se legal pleadings.
I provide one-on-one tutoring to Veterans wishing to update their skills and become more fluent in technologies such as Microsoft Word, Web Browsing, and personal security in the Digital Age.
And I participate in staffing incentive therapy and compensated work therapy tours and provide staff with tools and training necessary to effectively complete their tours.

It has been rewarding and challenging work. Most of my clients fall in the "dual diagnosis" arena, dealing with substance abuse issues, PTSD, perhaps former incarceration for significant periods of time... we run the full gamut here. Some days I'm really good at it, when I maintain an appropriate measure of gratitude for the good things I have going for me in my own life... and sometimes, I allow external forces to rub off on me, and become complacent, wish, hope, hem and haw... and the day doesn't turn out very well. I am not a religious man, but I am a spiritual one, and I find that when I allow my connection to all that is good become rusty, the results are spiritual tetanus.

Being physically in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital that it is, has its perks. I have ready access to a vast and wide selection of both local and national music acts most every week if I can afford a ticket. And it's a very "happening" massive city, but at the end of the day, it's really "small town". Just bigger, dirtier, noisier, and with the WORST TRAFFUCK EVAR! Now that "winter" (if you can call it that in Southern California) is upon us, and a promised El Nino effect, we'll hopefully see significant precipitation. At a minimum, I hope the higher mountain ranges get a ton of snow to help with our spring water needs. It doesn't rain much here on the edge of the desert... and folks won't generally be prepared. They forget how to drive in it, and there's not a lot of room for all that water to run off for that matter. It will be interesting if we get all that science has forecast for us.

2015 has probably been one of the BEST years personally as a musician ever. I have far less gear and tech at my disposal for recording and performing, but the lessons of the year have been absolutely tremendous. Crossing the threshold into 45 years of age, I've actually got experiences and things to say when I write now as well... where formerly I might have written a song about riding a skate board or the like, now I right about things far more relevant such as the shootings in first Paris France, and more recently, San Bernardino California an hour and a half from here. With that, I'll close the year out a bit early sharing "Don't Take The Fall", and wish you a Merry ChristmaQuanzaHanukkah plus happiest of New Years rolling into 2016. Make it your best ever!