166 days until the Man burns....

A Salute to Veterans

A Salute to Veterans
We had weathered Desert Shield/Storm, and quite literally been clipped by "the perfect storm" on our way home (yeah,seriously, George Clooney perfect) ... an elderly Koontz class destroyer in fifty foot seas, terribly top heavy with her big assed 48 delta radar and threatening to roll over in the trough, bearing South to Bermuda and flooding empty fuel tanks with

seawater for ballast...

And later with the Cooper River Bridge in sight at bouy two charlie, we drop the motor whale boat, u boat, and captain's gig to paint the skin of the ship and her water line... so the Chief of Naval Operations can drop in on a helicopter and shake a hand or two and deliver some medals. He was on board for eleven minutes.

So with a slick of haze gray paint trailing behind us we finally pulled into Charleston. Triumphant in battle, beaten and weary from Mother Nature's reminder of how small we really are, and grateful to be alive.

Look to the man or woman to your left and to your right today. I salute you my brothers and sisters at arms!

My Mother and I circa 1992, Charleston South Carolina - I was fresh off the boat perhaps three minutes when she had someone snap this for us. I'm sharing it for Veteran's Day.