166 days until the Man burns....

The "Rock n' Roll" Lifestyle

Success ain't rebellion and you're drinking what they're selling.
"Lifestyle". It's a sociology term become pure marketing schtick. If you see this word in print, you can be ASSURED you're being marketed to when you read it. Many folks under the age of thirty toss this word around improperly in a number of circles, usually rendered along the lines of, "we're new to the lifestyle..." which I find rather humorous.

The "Lifestyle" we're frequently being sold involves Whiskey, Cocaine, Heroin, Pills, Groupies... the list goes on and on, and while there may very well be a select group of sixty year old rocks stars still standing, by and large it's a recipe for death and destruction. Even in the absence of these kind of problems, trying to keep four or five musicians connected and cohesive long enough to make really good music can expose every form of human failure imaginable.

The Sound and the Fury, a Kansas City based rock band, is one such example. I remember the first time I heard this song on the radio, and immediately mistook it for a new release from Tool. I became an instant fan, catching their live performances when anywhere within driving distance. I can't speak for what went down - the rumors are once they were offered a contract, greed and ego set the whole affair on fire - such a shame.

I am ever so grateful to be able to partake of my own flavor of the "Rock n' Roll Lifestyle" these days, while slated to start training for my new position on the 11th of November. This affords me certain luxuries and freedoms - I can stay up as late as I care to, and sleep in on those mornings when I need it.

This morning has to be the quintessence of the example however... stumble out of bed just as the sun is peeking over the horizon, brew a pot of coffee, and wander out onto the patio with my acoustic guitar.

Within a few short moments, I've got a new melody flowing... it may or may not become a song, may or may not be shared with the world, but in that moment of perfect beauty on the porch, this melody is mine... it brings me joy, and in that moment I am THE rock star in my own life.

Drawn.... Story boards.... And characters

With a knack for blurring life

And all these kids.... Want that Life.... Because you have lied to them

Please remember this is entertainment for you

They are millionaires because this entertainment's not true
There's a whole lot of real life they are not selling you

To be like them, you can't be you

These.... Demi-gods..... Are superstars

Because you have been sucked in

To their lives.... And wonder why.... You are not happy like them

I am no one to talk
'Cause I have played their games

I have questioned myself
Wanting answers from them

But I hope who I am

Hasn't lost its design

'Cause these million losers are no different from you or I