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The Best Maynard James Keenan Interview EVER

I just totally stumbled on this video this morning.  No, not the trailer for "What Is..."  the new mocumentary about Puscifer, fronted by Maynard James Keenan.  (Yes indeed it's what I was watching when YouTube tempted my ADHD with the promise of something shiny... that video is at the bottom of this page, and highly worth a peek for a fan interested in what's coming next.)  No... what I'm talking about is the one hour and twenty seven minute glance behind the curtain...

I have always had an affinity for Maynard, and in my minds eye feel an unwarranted kinship.  I could spend all sorts of time digging for the parallels be they Midwestern hailing, cross country running, early Military... but I'm not here to inject myself into Maynard; even as he has most certainly already injected himself into me for twenty years.

“If you don’t believe in magic on some level, your art probably sucks. You have to believe in some kind of magic – I don’t mean if its god or…whatever you’re into – if you're not inspired by, if your heart isn’t lifted by, some supernatural thing that you’ve witnessed or you believe in, real or not – you’re probably focusing on your looks, your money, something you’re focusing on that has no heart.”  -- Maynard James Keenan