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How to be a Rockstar

It's part of an average morning - rise from bed, start a pot of coffee, scarf a banana - and have a look at everyone's (current) favorite social networking site, Facebook.

Much like any other morning, there are things to "like".  A friend posted the following 5 Things to Remind Yourself Daily on his profile, and it moved something inside me.  [True confession: I read it on the iPad while still in bed - it's "what" drew me into my morning.]  It isn't often that a watermarked image like this will draw me to the website of origin, but I had a quick look at, and fetched a second image with equal power.  It's not as likely to become a daily admonition device for me - but I felt it was blogworthy.

If you wanna be a rock star - start on the inside!

5 Daily Reminders

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