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Art, Artists, and Committing to your Craft

A pair of really great articles to share on a topic that's really been hitting home with me.  The first does a good job of covering territory such as placing a firewall between your "other" professional life, and your art.  The second discusses your own view of yourself, dealing with the world and being honest - with yourself.  I've known many artists (myself included) who DON'T give themselves enough credit.  I recommend both!

"I spent too many years neglecting my muse. I believed creativity was finite, that when I gave my creativity to my employer, there was none left for my art. But creativity is not a fossil fuel of finite supply that must be transported in pipelines and on ships and driven around in automobile tanks. Creative thinking, I’ve learned, begets more creative thinking. A creative breakthrough at one’s day job can inspire a blizzard of creativity with one’s late-night or early-morning art."

"There are constraints and requirements outside of your artistic career that take up a lot of your time and attention. You must pay rent. You must eat. You must socialize and be able to afford some form of entertainment to keep yourself sane. Sometimes it feel likes you have to maintain a whole second life on top of the first one and that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s too easy get caught up in the “everything else” of our lives."

“You’re a professional performer and a writer. That’s how you should represent yourself.”