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Slaves of the Internet - Dance Monkey Dance!

Art Work IS WorkI am absolutely impressed by this article on the New York Times website. Tim Kreider speaks some invaluable truths about the times we face as artists - and I cannot help but wonder if, as he labored so lovingly to smith these words, if he was aware he would share more than HALF of the page with advertisements...  I  won't beleaguer the point with too terribly many pull outs, but start with this one perhaps.

"This is partly a side effect of our information economy, in which “paying for things” is a quaint, discredited old 20th-century custom, like calling people after having sex with them. The first time I ever heard the word “content” used in its current context, I understood that all my artist friends and I — henceforth, “content providers” — were essentially extinct. This contemptuous coinage is predicated on the assumption that it’s the delivery system that matters, relegating what used to be called “art” — writing, music, film, photography, illustration — to the status of filler, stuff to stick between banner ads."

This is an appropriate moment to segue into another similar story.  Mind you, the language might be too abrasive, course, off color or offensive for some, and it's questionable as to the "work safeness"...
Titled "I Jump for Cash Bitch", only one pull out is necessary to frame the whole story:

"That may be so but the label "some dick who wants free shit" does not require CSI profiling and while I am no lawyer, I question whether testimony comprising "I paid an agency to provide me files, I lost the files, I now demand some guy who used to work there give me new files" would have much legal standing but best of luck with that."