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Always looking for that balance...

I mean, c'mon, it's the public gosh-darned Internet... I'm not exactly going to be baring my soul here on a daily basis.
All the same, it's been far too long since an update. [For those actually tuning in, yes, I review logs and I can see you over there.]

So I'm in West Los Angeles for the moment - have been since around the 20th of April this year. Working hard on getting into a MicroLoft apartment in the downtown area.
Working on music near daily, except when "life on life's terms" gets in the way. Click on the now fixed "My Music" menu item and you can check it out.

I'm dealing with the Veteran's Administration, so starting school on October 5th... nope, that sure as sh*t didn't happen. It's not something I'm holding my breath over (uh, because I'd be long dead if I did) but I'm simply trusting that this is what the Universe has in store for me.
I have started looking at Open Mic opportunities in the Los Angeles area... both the "free mic" and "pay to play" slots, and if I've learned nothing else, it's that once I've gone through all of the work and searching and phone call verifications and such I should really build a website/application for musicians to utilize right here in El Lay, and then expand it to be actually USEFUL for other up and coming musicians as well. Most information I find googling around and diving deep through links turn out to be like, circa 2012 or the like. Many of the venues in the Santa Monica area, for example, don't even exist anymore according to Yelp, et. al.

I've had the pleasure of working with Veterans over the past three months in a professional development center where I assist them with housing searches, job searches, resume preparation, and even a few pro se/pro per legal filings to help them out with their criminal history and such. It's also a part of life that requires balance : between simply shaking my head apathetically when completely unrealistic expectations brush up against my lack of patience... I deal with a lot of folks who have never actually used a computer like... ever. I know a lot of type A geeks used to snicker at the thought back in the late 90's... but I really never considered what it might be like to take a 45-60 year old individual with ZERO experience from that zero to merely 5MPH on the Information Super Highway. It's a lot harder than it sounds; and you need a customer service oriented heart and compassion to be successful at it as well.

More important than a silly blog that very few people are reading, I presume it's probably time to start writing some letters to people in Missouri and Kansas who have a vested interest in what I'm up to.


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